A closeup of my good self.

The World of Stevie M

I should probably mention that I'm no longer based here any more. It's a long time since this site last got updated because these days I have my own domain. So why not make your way over to http://www.gratiartis.org/ where you will be able to see what I have been up to in more recent times.

While I'm at it I should probably mention my current existence at the following locations:

The rest of this site is pretty much as I left it back at the beginning of 2001...

Follow the links, they are self explanatory ... You should be able to find out a few tidbits about me, maybe take a look at what kind of music I tend to listen to, though that is probably the worst section currently. There is also information about neural networks and VRML (but not much) along with a few links to other sites (but not many) that deal with such topics in greater depth.

2 February 2001 - It looks as though I might have made it through the first stage of my redesign. All of the pages on the site have been validated against XHTML 1.0 Strict. Even the stylesheet has been validated. All except for the guestbook, which is limited because I do not have control over the HTML generated by the script. At least I can blame all that on my ISP :-)

Hopefully, this means that I will get around to updating the site a bit more often. I have already updated a number of the pages, and simplified the linking. This home page is also somewhat simplified, as I don't intend to keep quite so much on it.

23 October 2000 - First day in a new job. I'm working for Halifax Group Treasury & Wholesale Banking. I'll be doing development work for their intranet.

19 October 2000 - Okay, so I haven't updated anything since the beginning of this year. I've been busy! (and a tad lazy) However, I do intend to improve my performance from now on, and this is partly why I am redesigning this site. The main aims of the redesign are:

  1. Improve the quality of the HTML - port to XHTML 1.0 Strict
  2. Improve accessibility, and hopefully (with a bit of work) conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
  3. Make it easier to update and add material by tidying up the layout, simplifying the code and making the site more consistent (but hopefully not too boring)
  4. Actually update some of the material! So much of this site is now out of date, and incomplete.

Please accept my apologies if this leads to a few (or many) broken links in the near future.

5 February 2000 - Into the new year, and there isn't much to tell yet. I should have the celebration photos developed soon though. Still living in Alton and working in West Byfleet.

20 October 1999 - I had a little trip to Mallorca ... here are some photos of the fish found while snorkelling.

Summer 1999 - Can't remember exactly when this was, but I went to Marwell Zoo, and took a few photos of the creatures I encountered.

20 June 1999 - Just got back from a short holiday in Cornwall. I was staying in St. Ives and while snorkeling in the bay, I encountered a pair of seals.

7 June 1999 - Now I have yet another job. Started it a few weeks back. I'm working for Wunderman Cato Johnson, an integrated marketing company. I'm currently working on an intranet project for Ericsson.

18 March 1999 - And we're up to date again ... I don't work at Worldgate anymore ... I work for COMAX Secure Business Services.

8 December 1998 - Not that this is up to date, but I thought I might introduce you to Julian and Jo and I thought you might be interested in the folks that I work with at Worldgate.